How our Commercial Solar Systems work for your business.

As a fully fledged Solar EPC company , we are able to take care of your commercial solar system from sizing, design , construction and finally monitoring and maintenance.

Sizing for Maximum Returns

Our initial planning phase takes into account your buildings current power demand. Our analysis team will perform a Class1 power audit on your premises for 7 days to qualify energy consumption, max demand and your power factor.

Cost Effective Designs

Every building size and shape is unique. Our Designers are able to draft engineering drawings which keep costs down while maximising PV Solar output. In-house structural engineers will sign-off on drawings

Let us Design your System

Built for Efficiency

A Solar System is far more than merely PV panels and Inverters. There is a host of variables that can affect output. Our PV planners are able to simulate real-life output of your plant. This eliminates any guess work and mitigates risk in project expenditure.

How Efficient will our System be?

Integrated Intelligence.

The ability to integrate and control additional devices such as Diesel Gensets and Battery Storage plants proves vital in a commercial establishment. Our PV system integration takes on lead role in generating energy whilst the integrated SCADA system manages secondary sources.

Solar System SCADA

What will our Business Save?

Financial benefits