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Installations on booked order base

GridPod solar battery home storage side

Battery Power for a Sustainable Home

GridPod is a wall mounted battery that powers your home or business when there is no utility power (load-shedding). And, with combined Solar panels GridPod enables you to produce electricity both day and night. Fully automatic power in pure sine wave, ensures reliable protection of your valuable electronic assets.

GridPod solar battery

Integrated. Intelligent. Technology.

GridPod is pre-configured to tie into your homes electrical DB board
powering essential items via solar in the day and night. Back-up is an
automatic process when “load-shedding” or power outages occur.
A valve regulated power-plant delivers clean energy for your home
or business needs.

12 year design life
GridPod will provide enough power for 1500  cycles.
Hot swappable design allows for replacing the
internal batteryin years to come, ensuring
maximum lifespan.
Daily Cycling 
Add solar panels and your GridPod becomes
an energy source for daily cycling while producing
your own electricity, saving extensively on your
municipal bill.


Elegantly Staunch

Being a wall-mounted unit ensures minimal footprint, and the
Appealing aesthetic design allows flexible installation locations.
Available in 3 models, 4.8kWH | 9.6kWH | 19.2kWH
catering  for abroad range of applications.

GridPod Wall mounted home battery in garage

Technical Specs

GridPod Dimensions

Voltage Input230 VAC
Continuous Power3kVA5kVA5kVA
Surge Rating6kVA10kVA10kVA
Frequency Range50Hz / 60Hz (Auto-Sensing)
PV Solar Input (Max)1500W3000W3000W
MPPT Range30-115VDC60-115VDC
PV Charger (Max)60A60A60A
AC Charger (Max)30A60A60A
Max Efficiency98%
Price incl VAT
(and install Voucher*)
*install voucher limited to R500 for 4.8kWh, R1000 for 9.6kWH and R1500 for 9.6kWh

My GridPod

which model suits you best is dependent on your usage.

GridPod flatscreen tv consumption
GridPod Lights per room
DSTV decoder powered during load shedding
Laptop powered during load shedding
CCTV powered during load shedding
Fridge powered during load shedding

How it Works

Designed as a stand-alone solution to load-shedding and power outages or a
daily cycle energy producer with additional PV Solar panels.
Your GridPod comes with DC and AC inverter and Deep Cycle advanced Battery.

DB Board – Hard Wired

Your GridPod will be wired into your DB board. Your battery/s will re-charge from Eskom utility (or additional solar panels). Your essential items will be wired into your unit. Automatic switch-over ensures no user intervention.

How it works

How to Buy

GridPod will be available for installation from the 1st September 2015 . Nationwide installations will be fulfilled on a booking order basis.

GridPod is available in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia. Other countries coming soon. Offers differ per country.  GridPod and the Phrase “Your Wall Your Power” has been trademark filed in various countries. All rights reserved